We look forward to finding the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage that’s right for you!

Do you plan to purchase a home, or refinance a home that you already own?

Line of Credit Growth & Equity
  • Fund future living or healthcare
  • Convert equity to future income
  • Fund insurance or protection
  • Leverage equity for emergency funds
Optimize Mortgage & Debt
  • Rate & Term Refinance into the most flexible mortgage available
  • You choose the monthly payment based on your goals
  • As you pay down the mortgage you build a line of credit
  • Consolidate installment or credit card debt
  • Fund home repairs, improvements or modifications
Healthcare, Protection & Legacy
  • Fund insurance gaps
  • Long term care
  • 2nd to die
  • Term/whole life/end of life
  • Medicare supplement
Right Sizing Purchase
  • Upsize to larger/more expensive house
  • Downsize and invest equity from sale of current home
  • Set up lifetime escrow account to pay taxes and insurance
  • Leverage home equity to purchase
  • Vacation home
  • Investment property
  • Down payment for kids/family
Sandwich Generation
  • Convert equity to income for parents so they can live in their home
  • Fund home modifications or repairs to live at home
  • Reduce financial support children provide to parents
  • Children can keep retirement and education savings on track

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